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Company Awards

Entry Requirements

Entries Must Include

I) Support Team of the Year 

This award will recognise the outstanding support delivered by a team or department supporting the contact centre. The entry needs to outline the support process, the reasons for implementation, key performance indicators and provide evidence of positive outcomes. It must also include evidence of the impact of the team on the wider objectives and overall performance of the business.

J) People Development 

This award will recognise companies that successfully address ongoing development needs for individuals, departments and whole organisations to see that business needs are met. The judges will be looking for examples of how people development affects the company ethos and how it is embedded in the company culture.

K) Diverse Workplace

This award will recognise an organisation that creates a positive working environment which recognises and values difference.

The organisation will demonstrate the creative and innovative strategies that are in place to promote and advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  They will demonstrate a commitment to solutions in diversity and will have made a significant impact on diversity issues in the workplace.

The winner of this award will demonstrate diversity and inclusion programmes, initiatives, activities or efforts that are designed to promote and support differences in people and society. These may include disability, health, social or economic disadvantage, as well as race and ethnic origin, gender, religious beliefs, age, education, sexual orientation and/or other perceived differences.  

L) Business Improvement Strategy

This new award recognises how an organisation has created an improvement strategy for its people, processes or systems. Evidence will be required of:

M) Customer Engagement

This award recognises how you deliver exceptional levels of service to your customers and should include details of how you measure customer engagement – targets, performance against targets, KPIs, etc. Evidence can also include details of a multi channel approach eg: via mobile, social networks, phone and web. 

N) People Engagement Award

This will be presented to a centre that puts its staff at the heart of the operation. The successful centre shows that front line people are the focus of the business. Judges will seek evidence of:

O) Shared Service Centre

This shared service category is suitable for an accountable entity within a multi-unit organisation taksed with supplying the business unit with specialised services (Finance, IT, HR, Facilities, Logistics, Sales, etc) on the basis of a service level agreement. To be successful in this category SSCs must provide evidence of:

P) Outsourced Contact Centre of the Year

This category is for an outsourced contact centre with a highly successful business relationship with their client. To be successful in this category you must demonstrate:

Please note that the second judging stage of this category will be undertaken by a site visit.

Q) Contact Centre of the Year – Inhouse

This award is attributed to an inhouse contact centre that demonstrates leading practice for both staff and customers. The judges will be focusing on two areas:

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