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How to Enter

The entry process has been simplified with a short online application form, providing contact information which can be completed quickly and simply.

When this is completed just upload your entry - preferably as PDF.

You can upload several attachment files, if required.

Please note that there is a 5MB limit per file. You will receive an error message if you try to exit before the upload is complete. 


1: Ensure that the file does not exceed 5MB
2: Where possible save documents as a PDF
3: Do not include high res artworks or photographs (these will exceed the max file size) 
4: If you experience difficulties in uploading a document, please convert to a PDF (which is lower in file size and more compliant with the system)

The Entry Process

  1. Read the Categories and Criteria section to select the one(s) you would like to enter and remember to check the Judging Criteria for the specific questions to be answered in your entry. Remember to view previous Winning Entries for further hints and tips.
  2. Please read the Terms and Conditions to ensure that you are eligible and meet the entry requirements.
  3. Ensure that you provide sufficient evidence (description, testimonials, results) to support your entry.
  4. To make a nomination complete the online entry form which requires the general information for each entry. We suggest that you cut and paste the brief company overview for each entry to save retyping each time. Read the criteria for the category you are entering carefully and make sure you address each element in your response.
  5. All entries should be submitted using the official website. Attachments submitted without this form or which are incorrectly filled in, may be disqualified.
  6. Entrants for the Individual Categories must be nominated by a manager within the organisation. These entries should be written in the third person, and the person nominated must approve the entry.
  7. Entries for the Company Categories should be written by the team themselves and endorsed by a departmental manager.
  8. You can submit up to three entries per category, and as many categories as you wish.
  9. Entrants may include in the application supporting evidence which consist of one or more of the following:
  10. Testimonials (for example, feedback from customers or clients, peers, team leaders, managers or other departments in your organisation acknowledging your excellence). Performance review document, targets, etc. Amendments to processes based on your feedback/recommendations. Case studies or other supporting evidence
  11. Remember to submit before the closing date – MONDAY 12 NOVEMBER 2018.
  12. All entries will be assessed to ensure that they meet the criteria before being judged by an independent group of industry experts in November.
  13. Panel interviews will be held from MONDAY 3 to WEDNESDAY 12 DECEMBER 2018.
  14. Site visits for Contact Centre of the Year Inhouse will be undertaken in Monday 10 and Wednesday 12 December 2018
  15. Site visits for Outsourced Contact Centre of the Year will be undertaken 7/8 January 2019.

NB: If you have any queries regarding entries please contact